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Wow didnt realize I was about to cross 1600 followers. Thanks for sticking around all these years. Sorry my output is so low some days, lab and all.

Oh for that progress awhile back, unfortunately didnt play any Dragon Age Origins yet, sadly, but will get on that after my brief vacation next week (oh I got a ticket to see Sony e3 in the theater, so hyped (Va Beach)).

For jpn language stuff, did learn all the hiragana and katakana and close to 30 or so kanjis, and some grammer stuff (particles currently), so hoping to ramp more of that up, there is a manga I want to be able to read by end of summer, sadly, no one is translating it so I guess Id have to spend time to dig through that on my own :(, I already have the manga and all

More figures incoming, and more free! and utapri stuff this month

Also…Amazing Spiderman 2 is amazing, go see it. IM seeing Edge of Tomorrow next (saw X-men in the theater last week, why are they so cool, when Magneto the stadium epic incarnate)

Er, thats it for this friday update…

Whats everyones favourite ‘Lego’ game?


I am looking at picking one up, everyone tells me they are amazing…
Harry Potter? Star Wars? Indy Jones? Batmannnn? (what else is there?)

LEGO Rock Raiders was the best!

How E3 Will Go.


Microsoft will firstly demo Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Gears Of War 3 and announce a couple of hardcore games like Halo: Combat Evolved and Bungie’s new project will not be there causing mass rage on Then they will forget about all that and go on about entertainment features, Kinect and then surprise us all at the end to announce that you can now customize the bottom of your avatar’s shoe after being teased at E3 2009.

Don’t you just love E3?

People who arent fans of FPS will feel horrible watching Microsofts

Are you hyped for E3? I am!


With E3 2011 only a few weeks away, gaming fans everywhere (including me) are buzzing with excitement! What are you most looking forward to you ask?

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The NGP will blow us all away with its delivery of the best presentation values thus far available on handheld entertainment devices with a combination of finally achieving near console level experiences in the palm of our hands enabling the system to have the best gameplay experiences and support for other forms of media. SONY will bring us the phenomenal Uncharted 3 and an update on Resistance 3 with a look into new exclusive experiences for the future, and deliver astounding support for their handheld. Third party wise, Im looking forward to Dragon’s Dogma, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, I hope, Asura’s Wrath and more RPGs I hope. I hope for tons of new Nintendo 3DS games on track for this year.

Sorry Ive been Away All Day

Graduate school is at times just a huge big joke.  The professors issue the most monotonous homework with the only difficulty in questions coming in different ways that they can trick  (seriously using synonyms of the same word to try to make you think theres a difference, then revealing in the next homework that all the words mean the same thing?!, seriously, seriously!).

That being said, I spent over 12 hours on just two homework assignments.  And for science there is even more, so many of these ethics training, scientific methods training, and now I have to do animal safety training. Im not even in a program in which I would be involved with animals at all; the things we do just to get a completion grade in a pass/fail course. lol. 

Truly doing laboratory research is better than the other things in graduate school like classes, homeworks, and assignments.  

My Manga (1)

Alright so this week I decided to catalogue all of my volumes of manga that I have.  I will just say this.  The only actual complete sets I have is the four volumes of Appleseed.  I have 20 volumes of Naruto (basically Shippuden), and All released volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (26…27 comes this month).  

The amount of everything:  $1468.82, lol.  I should take a picture of it all or something. Oh still more to get.  I want to start getting Soul Eater manga, FMA (I have the first two volumes), and One Piece. Ill probably start those once Tsubasa ends.

How much manga do you have?